The codebooks, written in English, contain information on SWEOLD’s survey design, sample, response rate and the fieldwork. For every question/variable, there is information on variable construction, frequencies and standard deviations, and a reference to corresponding/comparable variables in previous data waves (including LNU).

The questionnaires are in Swedish and show the exact phrasing and response categories for each question.

Documentation 1992

Code book 1992

Questionnaire SWEOLD 1992

Documentation 2002

Code book 2002

Questionnaire SWEOLD 2002

Documentation 2004

Code book 2004

Questionnaire SWEOLD 2004

Documentation 2011

Code book 2011

Questionnaire SWEOLD 2010

Documentation 2014

Code book 2014

Questionnaire SWEOLD 2014

For a more detailed description of the survey, please see:

Lennartsson, C., Agahi, N., Hols Salen, L., et al., (2014). DATA RESOURCE PROFILE: The Swedish Panel Study of Living Conditions of the Oldest Old (SWEOLD). International Journal of Epidemiology, 43, 731–738,

Lundberg O, Thorslund M. Fieldwork and measurement considerations in surveys of the oldest old. Experiences from the Swedish level of living surveys. Social Indicators Research 1996; 37:165-189.