The research group

The research group is based at Aging Research Center (ARC), a multidisciplinary research center formed as a collaboration between Karolinska Institutet and Stockholm University.

The group is made up of researchers from different scientific fields, who share a broad knowledge of ageing and older people’s living conditions. Our researchers collaborate nationally as well as internationally on a wide range of scientific topics: health and health trends, health and social care, social relations and lifestyle habits, as well as inequalities between different sub-groups of the population.

On top of conducting research in the field of ageing, we oversee and coordinate the Swedish Panel Study of Living Conditions of the Oldest Old (SWEOLD), from the point of conception through the collection of data up to the release and analysis of the information gathered. Each wave has an accompanying code book which provides researchers from elsewhere the tools needed to use our data for their own analyses, this includes information on the characteristics and possible uses of the data.

Researchers in the SWEOLD group

Johan Fritzell Professor
Carin Lennartsson Senior Lecturer